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Whelping Kit

This is a good starter kit for first aid or whelping

First Aid Kit

There are a lot of different ideas about what makes up the best first aid kit. By searching the internet you can find several lists of items that you may want to include in your first aid kit. I have provided you a list of what we keep on hand for whatever might come up, including whelping. If you use a tote with a tight lid on it, this keeps everything together. I just put it in the truck whenever we travel with the dogs, and always include water from home. I change this out before we leave on every trip so it is fresh, or you can purchase a gallon that is sealed so you don’t have to keep changing it out. By keeping it in a tote, you keep the light off of your supplies.
Supplies I keep in my dog First Aid/Whelping kit:
  •  Rolled gauze (four rolls)
  •  Gauze pads
  •  Cotton Swabs
  •  Medical tape
  •  Ace bandages (two rolls)
  •  Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)
  •  Rubbing alcohol
  •  Betadine (get a 16 oz bottle)
  •  One large blanket
  •  Large bath towels (two or more per dog)
  •  Six or so washcloths (I keep these in a zip type baggie)
  •  Thermometer (mark the case “DOGS” with a permanent marker, you get the idea)
  •  Nasal Aspirator
  •  Tweezers
  •  Forceps (6 inch straights) 
  •  Stethoscope
  •  One gallon of water
  •  Bowl, for either cleaning a wound or offering water
  •  Can of Mountain Dew (source of caffeine and sugar)
Medications I keep in my dog kit:
  •  Antibiotic ointment
  •  Benadryl, or the generic version (allergic reactions)
  •  Pepto Bismol
  •  Baby Aspirin 81 mg chewable
  •  Dramamine for travel (not only reduces vomiting but will act as a mild tranquilizer)
In addition, for pets who are chronically ill and require medication for survival, keep at least three days’ worth of prescription medication on-hand, inside the kit. This includes medications for diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions, etc. If you always have a couple days’ supply in your first aid kit, you will never get caught without it. When traveling, you will have time to get a refill, should you forget the bottle you keep for everyday use at home. Don’t forget to watch the expiration dates!

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