Legal Documents for your Toy/Miniature Aussie

A Black Tri and Blue Merle Toy Aussie puppy from Shade Tree Aussies.

There are so many legal battles that can involve our beloved Toy and Mini Aussies in today's world that we felt compelled to provide you with resources to protect yourself from having your dog ripped out of your life.

In a recent survey of Toy and Mini Aussie breeders it seems that only 10 percent of people who buy puppies eligible for registration as pets ever go on to register them. Think of your registration certificate as if it were the title to your car or truck. Our Registration and other Documentation page covers many of the scenarios' that can come up that will require some kind of documentation. Please take a few moments and review the many types of documents that can make the difference in what happens to your Toy or Miniature Australian Shepherd.

There is a growing trend to have a prenuptial agreement in relationships that involve pets.
An exert from Julie McDonald Law Firm website.

Although dearly loved by the family and part of the family, there is no law of ‘custody of pets’. Couples can argue about who keeps the family pet in the same way that they argue over who keeps the dinner service or the television. It can be an expensive process, and one as emotional as dealing with where the children live. In some cases, if couples cannot agree, the animals are re-homed or given to animal shelters.

What if a divorce or split up happens and there is no prenup? We have seen so many of these bad situations play out over the years. When your case gets to court judges can handle disputes regarding pet ownership in very different ways. Some judges appreciate pets and the value of their bond with someone and may be willing hear evidence about which party was more involved in the day-to-day care of the pet. But many judges treat pets like furniture as in most States they are considered personal property or livestock. For more information please see our page Registration and other Documentation.

What happens to your beloved Toy or Mini Aussie when you pass away? Have you made arrangements for the care of your baby should something happen to you? While we always recommend seeking the advice of an attorney we have provided a basic document that you can print out and file with your clerk of courts or perhaps add to your will. Living Will for your Toy or Mini Aussie


Toy and Mini Aussies gold ribbon.