How Big Will My Toy and Mini Aussie Puppy Be When Grown

Blue Merle Puppy from Shade Tree Aussies
This is the most frequenlty asked question we are asked here at Toy Mini Aussies. Here is an example of one of those questions and some of the breeders answers....

Does anyone know of a site that has a chart for Age/Weight/Height averages? I have a Toy Aussie that is 12 weeks and still has not passed the 3 pound mark. Just curious to her standings.....if I should be worried! Thanks for your time.
Shade Tree Aussies says "The more working body type dogs are finer boned and lighter weight regardless of height than the heavy boned, wide framed more show type dogs. No matter how hard we try as breeders, how far we trace back pedigrees, there will be one that either does not grow or grows way past the expected, projected size and weight. We all use a rule of thumb but that rule has many exceptions. In one litter of 4 born here at Shade Tree Aussies - we had a micro at 9.5" and a standard at 18.5" and 2 that turned out to be what I expected and projected in size. As they grow, they will often hit stall points - some will accelerate at different stages. There is just no magic answer to this as they grow."
Wiseachers says "I usually tell my buyers that the weight should be about 3 lbs more than the height. Example, a 13" adult should weigh around 17 lbs give or take for bone structure. I figure any puppy at 7 weeks under 3 lbs will stay a toy. It doesn't always work, but overall I would say 90% of the time. I did a height/weight chart for my puppies when I first started breeding, and that is where the toys seem to separate from the minis. Again, just a rule of thumb, but I've found it helpful." 

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