Training Tips and Tricks

Stacy Nevitt has joined the Toy/Mini Aussie family as a guest author. Stacy is going to share her training of Kibo  and Meeko with us in the form of pictures and videos, along with text, so that we can easily follow along. 

Training with Stacy

A little about Stacy:
Stacy Nevitt has been training horses and dogs ever since the age of 16, when she acquired a 6 month old horse. Around the same time came a young Border Collie. With little money, the necessity to train them both herself started a passion for training and working with animals. Over the years, this desire grew and led to traveling all over the United States, pursuing the Equestrian show jumpers. Once married and settled in South Florida, people slowly took notice of her abilities, especially concerning dog training issues. All the show jumping knowledge opened the door to the agility world, giving a special way of reading dogs and targeting potential issues. She is now training basic obedience, behavior issues and agility.

Follow Stacy and Meeko, training her Toy Aussie puppy

bred by Shade Tree Aussies....

Basic Commands every dog should know.

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Training Tricks For Your Toy or Mini Aussie

Training tricks are a useful approach to help people deepen the bond with their beloved dogs, while also having fun. All of the methods Stacy uses are very positive based, using the dogs own natural abilities and tendencies. The keys to her success are patience, extensive understanding of dog communication and finding methods that work for the dog and owner as a team. Stacy's motto ” You get out of them what you put in”. Kibo, her 1st Toy Aussie, is often used as a demonstrator for students. Kibo started competing at 16 months old in CPE agility trials. He has earned all 4 level one titles, 2 level two titles with a total of 14 1st place ribbons all before the age of two. He is a great example of what the breed should be, super smart, willing to please, strong drive to work & a heart of gold. She has recently added another Toy Aussie as a agility prospect. She has high hopes for him & has offered up these videos for people to learn as she trains him from the very basics on up to agility competition. So follow along with this video journey & keep your eyes peeled for his accomplishments also.

Kibo and trainer/owner Stacy with winning from an agility trial.

Select from the list below to see video's of Stacy teaching simple tricks you can teach your puppy or adult dog.


More advanced tricks

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Training Tips for Agility

Kibo showing off his jumping skills at an agility trail.

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