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Chute Training

Chutes are an agility obstacle that some organizations use in competition. Chutes test the dogs confidence entering a closed dark tunnel following handlers commands. This can be a fairly difficult obstacle to teach as the dogs must learn to push through the closed part. This obstacle will really build confidence for competitors or people who simply want to give their dog a good outlet in the back yard and time bonding with them. Fairly inexpensive chutes can be purchased on line. 

  • A helper makes introduction to this obstacle much easier for the first couple runs. They can hold the dog on the open end making sure they do not break, helping to direct the dog into the chute while you hold the closed end up calling for them. If you do not have a helper you will need a decent "wait" command & use something on the open end the first couple times to help or if your "wait" is very solid skip that part just holding it open yourself.

  • Use treats thrown inside to help encourage direction and reward for the act of going in. Then transfer treat to a moving toy target.

  • If they break their "wait" ALWAYS send them back & start over!!! Cannot stress this enough if you want good "waits"! Remember NO treats if you have to place them back from breaking the "wait".

  • Once they consistently run through the chute with you holding open the closed end move on to working with it closed. (If needed you can slowly close it in increments till the dog builds confidence.) When doing this do your "sit and wait" while you get to the open end. Give your release command tapping on opening & run to the closed end calling them so they can hear you at that end.

  • Throw your moving toy target low and timed as the dog just comes out the end. Good timing on this will increase speed. If they come out & your not in the process of throwing they will slow at the end waiting to see where you throw it.

  • ALWAYS place treats on the target!!

  • It is a very good habit to get into of fluffing & straightening the closed end between runs or every other run to help prevent the dog from getting caught up.

Link to chutes you can buy on line.......http://www.amazon.com/PetSafe-Agility-3-Closed-Tunnel/dp/B000TZ1T9M/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1421781720&sr=8-4&keywords=agility+chute

Chute length for competition varies with organization from 6 feet to 10 feet. Open end approximately 24 inch in diameter.