Sit Pretty

Teaching "Sit Pretty" Trick

Prerequisites :

1 - Sit & Wait


Tips : 

  •  Make sure the dog is sitting square (both hips equal & hind legs straight under)
  • If they roll on their hip ask them to get up & take a few steps forward. Then ask for sit again.
  • Place your treat in front of their nose while pushing slightly into them & up.
  • As soon as both front feet leave the ground for any length of time use your marker word "yes" & reward.
  • Do not treat any attempts made if they try to balance on you with their front feet including if they slap them out touching you. They can use their front feet as counter balance in front of them but do not allow any contact with you.
  • Do not treat any attempts made if they stand on their back feet.The goal is for their butts to stay on the ground like their sitting.
  • Once they consistently sit up then start adding the "wait" command asking for longer periods of time.
  • If your dog is one that wants to back up instead of attempting to sit up you can work with them in front of a wall or solid object so they cannot back up.
  • Always be patient & kind.