Toy and Mini Aussie Breed Colors 
Blue Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy
As breeders, we are often asked about the colors of our dogs. This can become a very in-depth conversation, however, we will only touch on the basics. If you would like more information we have provided links to the best sites to find that. 
Lets take a look at the common terms used to describe the colors of the Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherd. The color chart provided below. 
Merles happen when there is a merling gene present, however, they are either blue merles (black base) or a red merle (red base). The merling gene breaks up the solid color into a pattern of patches of various shades of the base color. 
There are 2 colors of trim allowed within the breed standard. The white and copper (sometimes called tan) colors. White is pretty easy however the copper can be from a light cream to dark copper as bright as a new penny.
Self is a term used to describe an Aussie that is only one color such as solid black or solid merle having no trim color at all.
Bi simply means that there are 2 colors present. That can be a combination of the base color with white or the base color with copper.
Tri means that there are 3 colors present such as black, white, and copper or red, white, or copper. These terms apply to merles or solids.
Color Combinations
There are 16 possible color combinations of the Australian Shepherd when you consider possible trim colors and combinations of merling and trim colors.
Toy and Mini Aussies color and markings patterns
There are standard and non-standard colors in the breed. Most non-standard colors are the result of dilute genes. For more information, this link will lead to photos of the Aussie colors and patterns recognized as the standard for the breed.
If you would like more information on standard and non-standard colors please visit this link - The Basics of Aussie Color
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