Breeders of Toy and Mini Aussies

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Here you will find breeders of Toy and Mini Aussies by region.
Regional map of the United States 
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Pacific Northwest Area


Pacific Southwest Area


Mountain Southwest Area

Midwest Area

Dakota Toy Aussies websiteDakota Toy and Mini Aussies are located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Dakota Toy Aussies

Heartland Area


Mini Aussies ~ Irresistible Angels - Located in Iowa

Irresistible Angels' Miniature American and Toy Australian Shepherds are located in Southeast Iowa.
Mini Aussies Irresistible Angels website

Crimson Miniature American Shepherds located in Central Missouri.
Crimson Miniature American Shepherds is located in Central Missouri
Crimson Miniature American Shepherds

South Central Area

 Shade Tree Aussies-located in Oklahoma.
Shade Tree Aussies is located in Central Oklahoma.
Shade Tree Aussies

Carousel Aussies - located in South Central Texas
Carousel Aussies is located in South Central Texas.
Carousel Aussies


Clay Creek Aussies ~breeders of Toy and Mini Aussies.
Clay Creek Aussies are located in Central Oklahoma.
Clay Creek Aussies


Lil Dawg Shepherds - Toy Australian Shepherds
Lil Dawg Shepherds is located in Central Arkansas
Lil Dawg Shepherds

Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Area

East Coast Area claims no responsibility for any agreements or practices of these breeders, as we have no oversight of their individual daily operations. We encourage you to visit their websites and use the Contact pages provided to get more information about the puppies or dogs they have for sale.
Toy Mini Aussies ending ribbon