Picking the right Puppy 

As responsible breeders, one of our most important jobs is to match the puppies personality to a new home. By telling us a bit about yourselves and your family's wants and needs, we will be able to help you adopt your new best friend. Don't let the color or markings of a puppy be your only guiding factor. Our goal is to have dogs loving their family and families loving their dogs.
Male or Female; Both males and females are extremely intelligent, easy to train, and loyal. We have noticed that the males seem to be more loyal to the human they decide is theirs than the females. The females tend to be more protective of what they view as theirs, like the house, yard, and car. Males tend to have the frill or collar; females are generally less striking as adults. Both sexes are better pets spayed or neutered. Spaying or neutering your dog may extend their lifespan.
Letting the puppy choose you; plan to spend time with the litter, sit on the floor, and play with them. The puppy that chooses you will be more likely to be responsive and willing. This is the beginning of a bond that will last 12 to 16 years. If that is not possible, let us help you by telling us what you expect from a puppy.
Selecting the right personality is very important; Toy Aussies and Mini Aussies can have several different levels of temperament in each litter. We classify the puppies into three different types:


These puppies make the best choice for someone looking for a less herding, less active companion dog. They are still very intelligent and can be working stock dogs if you so choose. They just are not as aggressive with stock or play. They are not as apt to herd your children, you or your cats. Even the mild temperament type puppies will need mental stimulation to keep them from being destructive (chewing on the wrong things) until they have matured and understand the rules in their new home. We consider these the couch potato type.


These puppies will mature to be the best of both worlds. They are generally content to just hang out with you, but are always up for hiking, fetch, and herding. As working dogs, they tend to call off easier as they aren't so zoned in on the task at hand.


They are very busy even at 8 weeks old. They require daily activity of some sort that includes mental stimulation and physical exercise. Games of fetch or going for a walk will generally do the trick however, they need room to run. These dogs tend to make the best agility dogs. They do settle down with you to watch TV or just hang out, they just require more exercise than the mild or medium tempered types. Toy Aussie and Mini Aussie puppies with a strong working personality can be a challenge for the first time dog owner.
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