If you want to sell your puppies or are looking for a puppy to purchase please join us at MeWe Toy and Mini Aussies.
The rules for posting to this group are a bit simpler than our Facebook rules. 

All posts must be in good taste and show respect to the other members of the group. Before you push the enter button on your computer, phone, or tablet ask yourself:

Is my response respectful?
Is my response helpful? Sometimes criticism is necessary, but if it is not constructive, do not send it.
Put yourself in the poster's shoes for a moment and consider their feelings.
Is my response to something that I would be proud to be known for making? If it is not, do not send it.
If you are just chiming in, STOP! Sharing pertinent information is important; however "jumping on the band-wagon" so someone feels belittled is inappropriate or posting unnecessary opinions.
Agree to Disagree: Members must remember that we will not always agree on "ALL" topics so sometimes it is best to respectfully agree to disagree or not respond at all if you cannot say something positive and constructive.
Bashing: Name-calling, bashing, or abusive language on the group is NOT TOLERATED! No Exceptions! This includes bashing any member (or non-member) for any reason.
Derogatory Terms: The use of any derogatory words like Back Yard Breeder, puppy mill, mutts, mongrels, puppy farm, and any other disparaging, uncomplimentary terms are NOT acceptable.
Advertising Limited: If you would like approval for any advertisement, contact an administrator and we will approve it on a case by case basis.
Link posting is not allowed to any other online breeding sites, breeding groups (on or off Facebook), Breeding Forums, rescues, fundraisers, voting on personal dogs, pages seeking donations (we have our own Skarlette Fund). If ever in doubt, ask one of the administrators if a link is permissible before posting.
We don't judge a member or their Toy or Mini Aussies unless they ask for our opinions.
Ask yourself is my statement worth risking my membership with this group?

Abbreviations such as BET, BMM, BTF need to be spelled out in the original post. 
Abbreviations for breed registries are acceptable
Abbreviations for testing are acceptable. If you don't know what those stand for, please click our link to see our: Genetic Testing page

Only discussions that are relevant to Toy and Mini Aussies are allowed;
Must be kept civil
Nasty comments will be deleted, you may be banned as well
No registry bashing allowed here - if you have a problem take it to the registry
Comments that have nothing to do with the original post will be DELETED

Litter announcements are no longer allowed. No posts of puppies under 4 weeks of age are allowed. If this rule is not followed your post will not be allowed.

This is a Toy and Mini Aussie breed-specific group, this also includes Miniature American Shepherds

We do not allow posts for Auggies, Aussiepoos, or other mixes or breeds on this group.
Any discussion, dogs offered for sale, etc., of mixed or other breeds, will be DELETED.
If you have Mini Ameri's be sure you make that known upfront and very clear.


Any repost of ads from another source will be DELETED.
This includes screenshots off your cell phones
This includes shares from personal pages
This includes any Go Fund Me accounts.
If you cannot take the time to make an original post to this group please don't bother.

We do encourage you to ask questions on the group
Any rude or sarcastic answers to these questions will be deleted
Repeated offenders will be banned from the group.
For those of you that rescue; we all appreciate that, however, we don't allow posts for rescue here as there are a lot of pages that do. Rescue posts will be DELETED.
Lost or found Aussies posts are allowed only if it is your personal dog or one you breed.
We do not allow posting of anything but Toy and Mini Aussies unless it benefits our Skarlette's Fund in some way. If you have something you would like to sell that would be of benefit to our members and you are willing to donate part of those sales to the fund please contact the Admin for details. For more information about Skarlette's Fund please visit that page. Skarlette's Fund
Thank you in advance for understanding.
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