Toy and Mini Aussie Breed Profile
Red merle female Miniature Australian Shepherd - Wiseachers Dusty Rose. 
Profile of the Miniature Australian Shepherd and Toy Australian Shepherd Breed 
A profile is an outline or biographical essay presenting the subject's most noteworthy characteristics and achievements. Here you will find an answer to the most frequently answered questions about the breed.
Group or type:
Stock Dog/Herding/Working 
Primary Function:
Herding Livestock/Family Companion
Miniatures - 14 inches to 18 inches
Toys - 10 inches to 14 inches
Micros or Teacups - under 10 inches
12 to 16 year
Coat Type:
Double-coat, undercoat with coarser guard hairs
Moderate shedding, mostly seasonal; requires occasional brushing
Affectionate, loyal, enthusiastic, intuitive, exuberant, protective, territorial (may consider strangers and drop in company as an intruder)
Extremely clever and eager to please
Activity Levels:
Most require daily exercise and play time, some less than others. Daily exercise can be a game of ball or Frisbee and up to a real job of herding. This breed in general excel at dog sports like agility, fly ball, disc completions and even dock diving.
Good with children and other pets, but some can show aggression to other dogs they don’t know.
Best Owners:
Active, with time to invest in training, exercise and play, Aussies are not suited to being stuck in a yard and ignored. They are people dogs and need your attention.
Best Homes:
Large yard or rural setting with a fenced yard with plenty of room to play (due to the herding instinct, they can be car chasers).
Note: There more and more these dogs being trained as service dogs and working drug and bomb dogs. They are easy to train, willing to please and willing to work for a game of ball or tug.
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