Why Should I Crate Train My Toy or Mini Aussie?

A dog bed full of Mini Aussie puppies 
Many people feel it is cruel to crate a puppy or a dog. I know that it is one of the most important things that you can do for your dog. Crating keeps your puppy safe from chewing things like electrical cords, your new shoes and getting into things that will hurt them when you cannot be around to supervise. Think of it like a playpen or crib for a child. It is not cruel to crate your dog or puppy for their safety! 
House Training:
Puppies and adult dogs don't like to soil their sleeping area. Puppies are already instinctively trained not to soil the area where they sleep. You spend less time training and cleaning up. Your puppy or dog spends less time being confused about where is the right place to go. 
When you have to leave the house:
A puppy or dog that has been crate trained properly is a much less stressed dog when left alone. You can't be there all the time. In the crate, your puppy or dog is safe from the hazards a bored or frightened dog can get into. Your house is safe from the destruction that can result from a bored or frightened dog. It is safer than your yard! They may dig out, climb over, or someone could accidentally letting them out.
Can you imagine what your dog must think about Halloween and the 4th of July? What about Christmas when the house is filled with people they don't know? A crate is your dog's safe haven. More dogs are lost during these times, as they are scared and confused.
If you have to stay at a motel or hotel, your dog has his own bedroom with him. He will feel much more secure should have to leave them in the room by themselves. Most hotels don't want pets, as so many are untrained. If you have a crate trained dog, you won't be paying for what they destroyed.
Staying with friends and family:
Not everyone will welcome your pet. A crate trained dog is a more welcome guest in a home that either isn't used to a dog, or already has one. Again, your dog has his home away from home. Your dog will feel safer in new surroundings and is less likely to get into trouble.
Flying is stressful enough for the dog who is already crate trained. Now add the stress of never having been in a crate to a dog that has to fly for the first time.
What if you have to go out of town and need to leave your dog? A dog will adapt better to a strange place if he has been crate trained. Usually, you can bring the dog's own crate with you to the kennel. It lets him take his bedroom and familiar things with him.
Riding in your car:
Keeping your puppy or dog safe in the car is a good reason to crate train. What would happens if you're in a car accident? What if the door came open and your dog was ejected from the car? Your dog stands a good chance of leaping out into traffic and getting hit by a car or running off. If you have your dog crated in the car, your dog may get bounced around, but the crate will most likely protect the dog. The crate will help contain the dog in the car itself. If you are hurt in the accident, the emergency services people can easily transport the dog to a safe area.
Satisfying Instinct:
Wild adult dogs will find a den or safe area to sleep. Pups in the wild are born in a den. Domestic dogs will also look for a den. You will often see a dog sleeping under a table or desk. They are looking for a den. The crate will become a den for your dog if you start them right.
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